Featured Artist: Knitting Expat

Hello hello! While we may occasionally have some blog posts about general craftiness, the main focus of this blog is to encourage people to patronize all of the wonderful BIPOC makers in the fiber arts community. You can read more about the background behind the project on our About page.

Today we’re featuring Mina, the Knitting Expat! Mina is a British knitwear designer who is also an amazing teacher. If you can’t get out to a festival where she’s doing a class, you can check out her tutorials for knitting and spinning techniques on her Youtube channel, where she also does vlogs about her travels and current projects!

Mina, a woman of Iranian descent with chin-length black hair, smiles into the camera. She is wearing her Changes Shawl, which is a lavender color with a honeycomb stitch and stripes of purples, blues, aqua, yellow, and brown.
Meet Mina!

What’s your backstory? How did you become a maker? What do you want people to know about you?

I taught myself to knit while my husband and I were living in Dubai; it was something I had always wanted to know how to do (a lot of my Aunt’s and older cousins used to knit and my Mum still has lots of the baby clothes that were knit for me by them). Once I got started I was soon hooked and couldn’t stop! Then I found my local group of knitters in Dubai – the UAE Amiras – and that’s when I became introduced into the wonderful world of hand-dyed yarns and podcasts.

Soon after we moved to Bahrain, where out of sheer boredom I decided to start a podcast exactly a year after I had taught myself how to knit. A few months into that, I released my first couple of designs and everything else has pretty much snowballed from there!

The BIPOC Makers Project is all about financially supporting makers. How can people support you?

You can buy my patterns on Ravelry and watch my video podcast on Youtube! You can also support my via my Ko-Fi account.

Mina is also on Instagram, where she shares lovely pictures of her knitting and spinning as well as updates about her new patterns.

What’s your favorite thing to make? Do you have any specialties?

Socks are always a great go-to project, but I also love the satisfaction and feeling of having created something special when I finish a sweater!

Mina’s newest sweater, the Yorkville, was just released this week and it’s a perfect fall piece! It has a pay-what-works model and can be purchased via Ravelry.

Coffee or Tea?


Who is another maker you think people should know about?

Marceline of Hey Brown Berry! She also has a podcast on Youtube and her Instagram feed is @heybrownberry.

That’s all for this week! We hope you enjoyed learning more about Mina – be sure to check out her beautiful patterns. The #BIPOCMAL2019 is in week 2, so you still have plenty of time to join and win a prize! Happy weekend!

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